June 14, 2018

You’re getting ready to trial. You only have to talk to the judge at the start and end of each phase, right? Except for in protection! In this phase, you get to order the helper around. Do you know what to say?

January 21, 2017

“Is this dog dangerous?” This is one of the most pressing questions handlers must answer about their Schutzhund dogs. After all, isn't Schutzhund/IPO teaching the dog to bite?

December 9, 2016

National level IPO competitor and top trainer Shade Whitesel joins Schutzhund Life to discuss her unique training style and IPO experiences, and to offer tips for handlers.

November 19, 2016

Three-time National Champion and 2015 World Champion Debbie Zappia joins SCHUTZHUND LIFE to address the question: can IPO be trained without a helper?

November 17, 2016

Before you let a Schutzhund helper work your dog, you need to see him in action first. But how can you tell the difference between a good helper and a bad one? What do you look for?

November 13, 2016

Time for your first exposure to Schutzhund/IPO training! What should you do during your visit? What can you expect during your dog's evaluation in protection?

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