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SCHUTZHUND LIFE is specifically for those newer Schutzhund enthusiasts who find themselves enamored, overjoyed, and sometimes overwhelmed by training for Schutzhund/IPO/IGP. As I discovered when I first started this sport in 2008, Schutzhund is not just a hobby. It becomes a way of life, a new passion, and a journey in and of itself.

My experiences at the club, Regional, and National levels have encouraged me to share what I have learned about Schutzhund/IPO/IGP culture and the art of raising, training, and living with a high-drive working dog. I have three main goals with SCHUTZHUND LIFE:

  1. To help you learn about Schutzhund/IGP and how to get involved in it

  2. To teach you how to be an effective handler so that you can achieve goal #3, which is:

  3. To learn how to successfully title your dog in Schutzhund/IGP


SCHUTZHUND LIFE is not a "How To" training site. I will not break down all the individual exercises for IGP competition and teach how to train them step-by-step. Rather, this site is written to help you adjust to this new way of life, and succeed in your journey. I wish to teach people how to be good handlers so that they can better raise and train their Schutzhund dogs in the best manner that works for their dogs, their lifestyles, their goals. 


How do I start? Where do I go to get involved? What should I do with my puppy? What shouldn't I do? How do I know if a club is any good? What can I expect on my first visit or first protection session? How do I know if a helper is good and safe? How do I evaluate a trainer? How do I prepare for a trial? How do I handle my dog out there during trial day? How do I best condition my dog for Schutzhund? The questions are endless, and the answers equally so. But with a little guidance and instruction, you too can embark on this journey known as the SCHUTZHUND LIFE.

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